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About NEL Amps

I remember the time when I first started playing the guitar. As a youngster going through hours of practice each day in the hope of becoming as good as those rock legends I admired. It’s been 44 years since that wonderful time, and a lot has happened in my live. Besides (somewhat obsessively) playing the guitar, I studied electronics and made my living as an engineer. Back in those days powertubes (like the ones in your tube-amp) were pretty common. My father, who was a radio engineer, taught me a lot about them and got me hooked. Besides my regular electronics job and gigging with the band, I started repairing and modifying guitar amps. I love tweaking circuits in order to learn what it takes to create the perfect tone.

Through years of research and experience I noticed that the quality of today’s tube-amps is rapidly declining. Even some of the expensive “Boutique” brands often use lesser quality components in their designs, making them cheaper to build but not lasting much longer than their warranty period. Therefore it’s been a dream of mine to come out with a tube-amp that combines the build quality of the past with the innovations of today. 

After teaching him the ropes of the trade, my dear son Sander joined the company that my wife Nel and I founded to help realize this dream and give you a guitar amp that is reliable, still affordable but above all sounds amazing! 

NEL Amps is working towards realising this and other dreams. But in the meantime you can always count on us to make your guitar amp sound the best it can be.

I wish you the best and hope to see you soon!

Geert Kuyken
Engineer in mind, musician at heart.

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