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Want to keep your amp in top condition or restore it to its former glory?
Then bring him in for our complete maintenance service.
From boutique vintage to high-tech modern amps, we’ve had almost every amp on our workbench in the past 17 years of servicing guitar amps.
Therefore we know how to give your amp the treatment it needs to be the very best it can be.

We launched a new concept called the NEL Drive-In where you can bring your amp in for a quick but detailed check-up.


Our specialisation!
We take great care and only use the best components to repair your amp. We will always notify you if expensive repairs are necessary, so there won’t be any unexpected surprises.

Common problems that we repair:

  • Bad sound

  • Volume drops or no sound

  • Hum, noise, squeaks, …

  • Broken tubes

  • Fuses that often blow

  • Broken hardware (knobs, handles, ...)

  • etc.


We do custom modifications to your amp on demand!
Not every mod is possible on a specific amp and it isn’t always in your best interest to modify an amp. Please contact us so we can talk about the changes you want to do to your amp and help you make the best decision.

Here are some examples of mods we often do for clients:

  • Effects Loop

  • Power reduction (without losing tone)

  • More or less Gain

  • EQ change

  • etc.

Every amp that we service gets an elaborate test report showing the condition of the amp and the work that we did. Many of our clients found it easier to sell their amp with our test report, as it clearly shows the buyer that the amp is in top condition.

Pricing depends on the work performed and on the new parts that were installed. We can make an accurate estimate when you bring your amp in and tell us what the problems are. We are very aware of how much you’d expect to pay for service to your amp, so we will always notify you if costs would exceed this expectation.

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