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Servicing your Guitar Amp since 1999

NEL Amps
Maintenance, Repairs & Modifications

Get your amp in top shape!


Be certain your guitar amp is working perfectly! Bring him in for a quick but detailed check-up.

NEL Drive-In
Heartbreaker pickups
Guitar pickups

Check out our guitar pickups brand called Heartbreaker Pickups to improve the tone of your guitar!

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“I have never felt so comfortable in bringing my collection of amps in for service. From Friedmanns to Fortins to Camerons to old Marshalls. They always sound better when leaving NEL amps. Great people, Great service, Great pricing and better sound!”


Peter Swysen

“NEL Amps is the best! I've been a satisfied customer for over 15 years!”


Wouter Johnson

“My old Marshall Plexi sounded like junk. They reanimated it at NEL Amps and now it sounds better than ever! With real expertise and very honest pricing, I highly recommend them.”


Nello Muto

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